About Sparrow Logic

We support innovative software-centric businesses by helping deliver applications faster. Our infrastructure expertise is primarily focused around the AWS ecosystem. Our engineering talent has experience in DevOps, Containerization, API Design and scaling, as well as Front-End application deployment.

Start with something familiar

First, we like to get some best-practices built around server imaging. This lays a solid foundation around Operating System patching, monitoring, and scaling. We then decide if an application should be baked out as a machine image or if it requires a faster deployment pattern leveraging services like AWS CodeDeploy.

When building a machine image we create a build process catered around an application's specific requirements. Whether that application is powered using PHP 7.3, a JVM (Java 8 or 11), or a NodeJS installation ... we support creating a standard machine image that's similar to how the application is currently ran. This is often a great starting point for an organization that has existing processes that are centered around access to a server.

Or, move to containers right away

There are many benefits to using containers for applications; however, there is a learning curve for organizations and engineering staff. We can help you determine where and when to bring containerization into your software delivery process.

We've found that picking small, isolated applications is a great starting point to get team members familiar with how to work with containers. Once there is a base of knowledge, teams are then ready to move into a more container-centric infrastructure.



We have tooling to support continuous delivery to AWS ECS on EC2 or Fargate.

Jenkins CI

We work with Jenkins CI and have experience creating pipelines using the latest Declarative Pipelines methodology.

Multi-Branch pipelines

We work with complex projects that have multiple environment requirements and gating processes.

Load Balancing

We have experience in working with Layer 4 (ELB) and Layer 6 (ALB) load balancers in AWS.


We work with Lets Encrypt, AWS ACM, and third-parties. If you need SSL Certificates managed we can help there too.

Micro Services

We're all about the Micro-Services Architecture. We have experience with OAuth, message based application engineering, and distributed queues.


We can help configure your AWS CloudWatch alarms, Slack notifications, and PagerDuty alarms.